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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buster Bluth

Name: Buster Bluth
Legal Name: Byron Bluth
Nickname: Baby Buster
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Post-graduate, former copy room/construction worker for Bluth Company
Son of: Lucille Bluth & Oscar Bluth
Sports Played: None, he was just a turd out there
Schooling: Milford Academy
Scholarly Pursuits: Cartography, Native Indian tribal ceremonies, sleep deprivation, 18th Century Agrarian Business, effects of THC, playing with himself
Pets: Mother (turtle)
Suffers from: Crippling panic attacks, Oedipus Complex, and is legally blind at night
Women he's chased: Lucille Austero, Starla, Adelaide, Lupe, Lucille Bluth?
Toughest, Most Street-smart kid he knows: George-Michael Bluth
Favorite Movies: Chicago, Star Wars
Fears: Seals, the ocean, Catalina, confined spaces, active duty
Skills: Skill crane, Army skills, Seal (for marksmanship), Gorilla (for sand racing)
Magazine Covers: Balboa Bay Window
Awards: Cutest Couple, Saddest
Portrayed by: Tony Hale
Buster Bluth Quotes:
  • "Hey brother"
  • "I'm a monster!"
  • "Cause I'm an uptight...[expletives deleted]...Buster!...[expletives deleted]...YOU OLD HORNY SLUT!"
  • "Mom says it's too windy."
  • "Yeah, like anyone would want to 'r' her."
  • "I like making love to mother."


  1. He also chased after Marta!! xx

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