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Monday, May 4, 2009

Franklin Delano Bluth

Name: Franklin Delano Bluth
Aliases: Frank, Judge
Occupations: Pimp, Bailiff for Bud Cort
Favorite Drugs: Ether
Fake Illnesses: Gastric bacterial infection
Fake Allergies: Tricycline, Tetracycline
Albums: 1 (Franklin Comes Alive!)
Songs: It Ain't Easy Being White, (Everything I Do) I do it for You
Portrayed by: Will Arnett's hand
Franklin Delano Bluth Quotes:
  • "I don't want no part of your tight-ass country club ya freak bitch!"
  • "Speaking of mothers, let me give that oatmeal some brown sugar."
  • "I ain't kissing that old bitch."
  • "Get your loser hand out of my ass."
  • "My name is Judge."
  • "Hard to sit when you got someone's hand up your ass."

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