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Monday, December 14, 2009

Phillip Litt

Name: Phillip Litt
Occupation: Director of Girls With Low Self-Esteem
Psychiatric Afflictions: Never-nude
Seminars Attended:
Chafing (by Dr. Schoenweiss)
Portrayed by: Zack Braff
Phillip Litt Quotes:
  • "You're getting all of this, right?"
  • "Ladies, here's the deal. We have hats, you have breasts. You show your breasts, you get a hat."
  • "Cut, cut, cut. We've got a surfboard in the shot."
  • "Will you just get over it. It’s nudity. Just because you’re ashamed of your body, doesn’t mean everyone should be."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Arrested Development' Movie Still In The Outline Stage, Michael Cera Says

Bad news, "Arrested Development" fans. A couple months back, The Hollywood Reporter gave us what seemed like a glimmer of hope for the much-anticipated Arrested Development movie. They reported that series mastermind and soon-to-be movie director (we hope) Mitch Hurwitz and co-executive producer James Vallely were working on the screenplay.

"Working on" doesn't necessarily equate to "writing," unfortunately. We met up with Michael Cera, George-Michael Bluth himself, while he was promoting his new film "Youth in Revolt," and of course we couldn't resist begging for any news on the film.

"I don't have any updates, no," Cera told us. "They haven't written it yet. They're working on outlining it right now."

So at least some sort of progress is being made. No new uses of "I've made a huge mistake" have been put on paper, but progress, any progress at all, is a good thing. Cera said the film is on the backburner while Hurwitz is working on a new project, but echoed the hopeful statements made by Jason Bateman earlier this year, that the project could be underway soon.

"I think hopefully it will happen next year," he said.

Cera was reportedly the odd man out when it came to "Arrested Development" stars signing onto the film, so we asked him if he kept in touch with his fellow costars outside of work.

"I mean, you know, I try to see them whenever I can, but everyone's doing their own thing," he admitted.

He did say that he spent Halloween with Alia Shawkat and "Juno" costar Ellen Page (both of whom starred in Drew Barrymore's "Whip It!" together). What did he go as?

"I went as a sexy rapist," Cera replied without blinking. At least he's still got his dry sense of humor.