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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ann Veal

Name: Ann Paul Veal
Nicknames: Egg, Yam, Annhog, Annabell, Plant, Bland, Plain
Daughter of: Mr. and Mrs. Terry Veal
Boyfriends: George-Michael Bluth, GOB Bluth
Former Residence: Ohio
Favorite Foods: Mayoneggs
Activities: Math Club, Church group
Awards: 3rd place in an Inner-Beauty Contest
Record: 1st camel act to crack the top 10
What she does for fun: Church and studying
Yearbook Quote: "Were we supposed to have a quote?"
Portrayed by: Mae Whitman (portrayed by Alessandra Toreson in "Let 'Em Eat Cake")
Ann Veal Quotes:
  • "I’m not really in the mood for a kiss. This isn’t Marc Cherry’s house."
  • "It sounds like your father just gave us permission to start doing it. You must teach me, George-Michael. You must teach me the ways of the secular flesh."
  • "George Michael, you said that you couldn’t come to church because you were working. Now you’re doing neither. That’s quite a lot of sins for a Sunday afternoon, don’t you think?"
  • "And now you're drinking?!"
  • "I'm going back to church."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kitty Sanchez

Name: Kitty Sanchez
Aliases: Crazy
Occupation: Former administrative assistant for the Bluth Company (more specifically George Bluth, Sr.'s secretary)
Videos: Girls With Low Self-Esteem
Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor: John Larroquette
Men She's had Pop-Pop with: George Bluth, Sr., Gob Bluth
Portrayed by: Judy Greer
Kitty Sanchez Quotes:
  • "I have been Googling your father."
  • "Say goodbye to these, because it's the last time."
  • "Let's just say he was on Night Court. I can tell you who it's not. It's not Harry Anderson. It's not Bull. And he's white."
  • "Oh yes there absolutely will be a margarita in my mouth!"
  • "Can we have one conversation that's not about my rack, Michael?"
  • "Wow you get really girly after, huh?"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barry Zuckerkorn

Name: Barry Zuckerkorn
Occupation: Attorney-at-Law
Clients: George Bluth, Sr., Michael Bluth, GOB Bluth, Skip's Scramble
Lawsuits: Los Angeles Kings
Skills: He's very good, male anatomy
Portrayed by: Henry Winkler
Barry Zuckercorn quotes:
  • "Those are balls."
  • "Hot Ding-Dong?"
  • "Well, if you want to play Eve, you got to get in line behind what, above five homos."
  • "Hey, let’s save it for the stand, ok Tom Jane?"
  • "What are you doing? Pilates? Because no 40-year-old woman should look like that."
  • "This close, they always look like landscape. Nope, you’re looking at balls."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Will Arnett discusses movie, Sit Down Shut Up


Arnett's development was unarrested

Jamie Portman, Canwest News service

Published: Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will Arnett says working on the Arrested Development movie will be 'really fun.'

In fact, Arnett's work plate is overflowing. He's basking in the glowing box-office returns for the animated Monsters vs. Aliens for which he supplied the voice of the Missing Link. He recently finished work on When in Rome, a new Disney romantic comedy which also stars Kristen Bell and Anjelica Huston.

He's also wrapped up shooting G-Force, a family action comedy, for producer Jerry Bruckheimer. And in June, he and old friends from the Arrested Development clan will reunite for the eagerly awaited film version.

There's the April 19 premiere on the Fox network of Sit Down, Shut Up. He provides the voice for a self-absorbed English teacher on this new animated sitcom from Mitch Hurwitz, who was also the zany creator of Arrested Development, one of the great cult shows of the past decade.

Then there's also the fact that he and wife Amy Poehler recently became parents to new son, Archie. Parenthood, Arnett emphasizes, is a life-changing experience.

Meanwhile, his acting career has never looked better, even though Arnett is reluctant to predict where he'll be, say, five years from now.

"To be able to continue doing stuff and work with really talented people is very gratifying. But I really should have more of a plan. I don't have the benefit of being all that sharp, so I could probably do a better job in that regard."

Chief among them is the film version of Arrested Development is now looming high on his agenda. The series made Time magazine's list of the 100 greatest shows of all time during the three seasons it lasted from 2003 to 2006.

He labels his time on the show as "incredible" and he can't wait to renew his acquaintance with his character, Gob, or find out what's in store for him in the movie.

"Who knows? I'll have to beg Mitch for mercy on that one. I'm sure he will have me in some kind of compromised position. It will be really fun to get back into that world."

Steve Holt

Name: Steve Holt
Nickname: Steve Holt!
Son of: GOB Bluth and Eve Holt
Acting Experience: Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing
Years as Student Body President: 4, every year after his first junior year
Student Body President Campaign Slogan: Volt for Steve Holt!
Yearbook Activities: Football, Drama, Food Services
Accomplishments: Father-Son Triathlon champions
Portrayed by: Justin Grant Wade
Steve Holt Yearbook Quotes:
  • "I'm out of here!"
  • "See ya, suckers!"
  • "Study hard guys - trust me."
Steve Holt Quotes:
  • "Don't ask can I? Ask I can."
  • "Control your bladder when you're dead!"
  • "There's no 'I' in win!"
  • "Nice pout dad!"
  • "Nice translating dad!"
  • "They're called oxy-incontinent."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oscar Bluth

Name: Oscar Bluth
Occupation: ...
Father of: Buster Bluth
Twin Brother of: George Bluth, Sr.
Websites:, podcast
Favorite Marijuana Brands: Afternoon Deelite, Sweet Freedom, Tropical Breeze
Military Experience: Croc spotter
Vehicle: Humble trailor
Favorite Cookie: Any cookies with no preservatives
Pilgrimage: 420 mile walk (has never made it past UC-Irvine)
Songs: All You Need Are Smiles
  • Made Joan Baez call him the shallowest man in the world
  • Written for David Cassidy, who "was going to sing it on the Mike Douglas show, but he was too embarrassed to do it in front of John and Yoko."
Pairs of pants: 2
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Tambor
Oscar Bluth Quotes:
  • "You're drunk!"
  • "I hate the grind. You have to grind so many fucking lemons."
  • "I only have a hanger for a lock."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will Arnett discusses Arrested Development Movie

By Nick Allen • April 16, 2009

Hopefully this isn’t another con from the Bluth family.

The heavily-anticipated film adaptation of the cult TV series has just gotten a small update from one of its key players, actor Will Arnett. For those unfamiliar with the show, Arnett plays a struggling magician who is a member of the uber dysfunctional Bluth Family. The show (and later the film), includes actors like Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia De Rossi and David Cross.

Speaking to MTV News, Arnett offered a few words on the status of the project. He said:

“There’s no script as of right now, but it’s something that Mitch [Hurwitz] is actively working on and getting ready for, and we’re hoping to start shooting by the end of the year. I know that’s one of the goals. There are a lot of pieces that have to come together. There are what, like, nine cast members plus various people like Mitch and [producer and narrator] Ron Howard, and everybody kind of has to get their brain around this one delicious souffle.”

Other than what Arnett has dished out, the “souffle” hasn’t made too much progress in recent months. Michael Cera finally signed on to play his character George-Michael (possibly the penultimate of Cera roles), and Ron Howard expressed interest in the project a couple months back.

Concerning the media’s attention on the film, Arnett said something that couldn’t be more true. “God, I’ve never known a movie whose ever step of development has been as closely followed,” he said. “This movie’s gonna be such a disaster.”

Maeby Fünke

Name: Maeby Fünke
Marital Status: Married (to George-Michael Bluth)
Known Aliases: Surely Wolfe
Fake Diseases: B.S.
Parents: Lindsay Fünke and Tobias Fünke
Occupation: Film executive, Banana Stand, Student
Bands: Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good Time Family-Band Solution
Schooling: Public school, Openings
Boys she's kissed: George-Michael Bluth, Annyong Bluth, Steve Holt
Relatives she's kissed: None, unrelated to all of them
Strengths: Good little climber, cons, lying
Weaknesses: Spelling, Math, Geography
Portrayed by: Alia Shawkat
Maeby Fünke quotes:
  • "Marry me."
  • "Holy crap that's going to look good on a hat."
  • "Babysit me."
  • "Maybe we just need a new fucking housekeeper."
  • "I drugged him to not go all the way with him."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lindsay Fünke

Name: Lindsay Fünke
Marital Status: Married (to Tobias Fünke)
Mother of: Maeby Fünke
Parents: Unknown, adopted by Lucille Bluth and George Bluth, Sr. (Almost a Sitwell)
Occupation: Actress, Entrepreneur, Administrative Assistant for Bluth Company, Housewife, Maid, Musician, Shopgirl
Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty
Bands: Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good Time Family-Band Solution
Culinary Expertise: Hot ham water
Favorite Clothing Store: Neiman's
Business Ventures: Mommy, What Will I Look Like?, Dip-A-Pet
Philanthropies: Hands of our Penises (H.O.O.P.), Neuterfest, Drying the Wetlands, Stop Global Hunger
Movies: Men With Low Self-Esteem
Beliefs on Alcohol: Wine only turns into alcohol if you let it sit, Vodka goes bad after you open it, Grapefruit turns into alcohol
Portrayed by: Portia de Rossi
Lindsay Fünke Quotes:
  • "You call yourself an environmentalist, why don't you go club a few beavers."
  • "How do you not have sex with me?"
  • "I hope that's not a crack about my hair color, lips, forehead, nose, and teeth, because at least I'm not wearing a rayon sweater-vest on my face."
  • "Hey, check out who's on that hog in the rear-view mirror."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

David Cross discusses Arrested Development movie

All Crossed Out: David Cross talks Arrested Development Flick
by Staff | 04.07.2009

David Cross really gets around. Every role he takes on, regardless of size, is guaranteed to be memorable, and his unique comedic style remains ever-fresh. From building birdhouses in Eternal Sunshine to his best Allen Ginsberg in I'm Not There, Cross is always quite the character. In the upcoming Issue 27 of our Good Music Guide, FILTER caught up with the man to discuss what he has on his plate at the moment, right on the heels of news that the most exciting TV-series-to-film adaptation ever, Arrested Development, looks like it actually is going to be made, after all. Here's a snippet.

What can you say about the Arrested Development movie?
I can tell you it’s definitely almost positively going to be shot. They’re trying to nail everyone down now. The script’s been ordered and has been green-lit, and they’re hoping to shoot in fall or winter of this year. I’m actually—whatever the legal term is—engendered to not discuss, but I can tell you, I know the idea, and the idea is fucking awesome. And it’s very Arrested Development.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tobias Fünke

Name: Tobias Fünke
Nicknames: T, Uncle T-Bag, Tobi
Marital Status: Married (to Lindsay Fünke)
Father of: Maeby Fünke
Occupations: Chief resident of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, Analrapist, Musician, Actor, Security Guard, Blue Man Group understudy, High school theater director, Owner of The Queen Mary, Administrative Assistant for the Bluth Company, Co-founder of Gobias Industries,
Acting Roles: Frightened inmate #2, Confidence Man #2, George Bluth, Sr. (Scandal Makers), Torture Victim #4
Books: The Man Inside Me
Videos: Families With Low Self-Esteem
Bands: Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution, Whip-and-Snaps Barber Shop Quartet
Psychiatric Afflictions: Never-nude
Physical Afflictions: Graft vs. Host
Portrayed by: David Cross
Tobias Fünke Quotes:
  • "I just blue myself."
  • "Do these effectively hide my thunder?"
  • "Even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up."
  • "Let Lilly lick Lionel's lusty leathers."
  • "Don't leave your uncle T-Bag hanging"
  • "I’m afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run if you will, so I’m afraid I have something of a mess on my hands."
  • "If I may take off my acting pants for a moment and pull my analrapist stocking over my head…"
  • "Douche chill!"
  • "And second-of-ly, I know you're the big marriage expert. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, your wife is dead."
  • "Ah, the clumsy adolescence, it's a phase we've all been through. Except for me, I was like a cat. I always ended up on all a cat."

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