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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

David Cross discusses Arrested Development movie

All Crossed Out: David Cross talks Arrested Development Flick
by Staff | 04.07.2009

David Cross really gets around. Every role he takes on, regardless of size, is guaranteed to be memorable, and his unique comedic style remains ever-fresh. From building birdhouses in Eternal Sunshine to his best Allen Ginsberg in I'm Not There, Cross is always quite the character. In the upcoming Issue 27 of our Good Music Guide, FILTER caught up with the man to discuss what he has on his plate at the moment, right on the heels of news that the most exciting TV-series-to-film adaptation ever, Arrested Development, looks like it actually is going to be made, after all. Here's a snippet.

What can you say about the Arrested Development movie?
I can tell you it’s definitely almost positively going to be shot. They’re trying to nail everyone down now. The script’s been ordered and has been green-lit, and they’re hoping to shoot in fall or winter of this year. I’m actually—whatever the legal term is—engendered to not discuss, but I can tell you, I know the idea, and the idea is fucking awesome. And it’s very Arrested Development.

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