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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News About Our Friend: Arrested Development Doc

Our friends over at Arrested Development Documentary recently got some good publicity. Check it out.

...and if you don't know about the Doc yet, check it out and show your support for what they are doing.

Yup, there's an Arrested Development documentary, and the trailer is below. I didn't even know this film was coming out, but it looks like it's the ultimate drug for hardcore AD fans (at least until the movie comes out). Besides the cast and crew being interviewed, we also see comments from people like Andy Richter, Keith Olbermann, and many other fans.

Original Link:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David Cross Knows A Little Bit About That ‘Arrested Development’ Movie

The headline is 100% true. Problem is, David Cross just isn’t talking. Oh sure, he’ll happily drop hints and suggestive comments, but he’s leaving any major revelations for series creator Mitch Hurwitz to dish out. I suppose I can respect that. No, I can’t. C’mon Cross… dish already!

He had a little bit to say this weekend, when MTV’s Josh Horowitz sat down with the edgy comedian at the “Year One” press junket. Nothing particularly revealing mind you; just the same sort of teasing comments to get us excited about an Arrested Development movie.

The prematurely canceled TV series was loved by critics for its sharp writing, hilarious performances and serial narrative, complete with clever in-jokes. Unfortunately, critical love did not equate to ratings, and “Arrested” disappeared like so much great television before it. As far as Cross is concerned however, fans would do well to keep hope alive for more of the Bluth family’s antics.

“I know what most people know,” Cross said, “which is there’s definitely a movie planned. A script has been ordered. Everyone’s on board to do it.” Encouraging, right? So what is the freakin’ hold-up?!

“I think they’re just working out the deals — which, you got eleven cast members and writers and producers and all that — so I think that’ll take a little time, as it usually does. And hopefully we’ll be shooting something before the decade’s out.” There isn’t a whole lot left to this decade; if we’re sharing in Cross’s hopefulness, we could see the shoot begin no later than the end of next year. Probably sooner. If all goes as planned, of course.

As for what will become of his never-nude wannabe actor/analrapist (pronounced ah-nahl-rah-pist) in-law, Tobias Fünke, Cross knows something, but he ain’t talking. “There was an overall story that I’m not at privilege to tell you what [Mitch is] working on. The script could change from that point. I will tell you it’s a f–king great idea and I’m very excited about it. It really does seem like a logical next step from the show to the movie. If that idea is followed through, I think it’s pretty cool.”

I’m sure we will as well David. Now spill!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wayne Jarvis

Name: Wayne Jarvis
Occupation: Attorney-at-Law
One word to describe himself: Professional
Accomplishments: Worst audience participant Cirque du Soleil ever had
Things he's ducked behind: Couch, little garbage car
Portrayed by: John Michael Higgins
Wayne Jarvis Quotes:
  • "I shall duck behind the couch."
  • "Officers! Michael, these men are here...just a little bit early"
  • "Well Michael, I did not find their buffoonery amusing."
  • "Did he get E.P.?"
  • "Why do their have be puppets like Frank?"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carl Weathers

Name: Carl Weathers
Occupation: Actor, Director of Scandal Makers
Culinary Favorites: Stew, ham, Burger King
Purchases all his cars from: Police Auctions
Portrayed by: Carl Weathers
Carl Weathers Quotes:
  • "You know, just two adults getting a stew on."
  • "Baby, you’ve got a stew going."
  • "I got bumped from that flight. Apparently, they give you $300 if you get bumped. It’s this crazy loophole in the system that the wrong guy discovered. Guess where I won’t be going?"
  • "Your wife works in a restaurant? Do they get a shift meal, or do they just pay half price on select menu items?"
  • "I was doing this Showtime movie, Hot Ice with Anne Archer, never once touched my per diem. I’d go to Craft Service, get some raw veggies, bacon, Cup-A-Soup, baby, I got a stew going."

Jeffrey Tambor Expecting Twins

They're going to finish each others sandwiches.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie Rumors...but Probably False Hope

Rumors have been circulating online today that the Arrested Development Movie has started shooting in Manhattan. Personally, from what I've read, it sounds like a load of shit. Here's what people are saying:

Arrested Development: The Movie is filming near Madison Square Park, New York from 7:30a.m.-1:30p.m. (Thanks Mitch!) (check out the comments below for this one, thanks!)

You can check out the site for yourself here.

Bob Loblaw

Name: Bob Loblaw
Profession: Attorney-at-Law
Father of: Hope Loblaw
Website: Bob Loblaw Law Blog
Legal Services: Bank fraud, embezzlement, conspiracy, money laundering, identity theft* (cash only), insider trading
Business slogan: "You don't need double talk, you need Bob Loblaw"
Headlines: "Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb", "Bob Loblaw Launches Law Blog"
Portrayed by: Scott Baio
Bob Loblaw Quotes:
  • "Why should you go to jail for something someone else noticed?"
  • "So Lindsay can get to her date with Mr....Blablablah."
  • "Well, our copy boy’s very striking, but he often has toner on his fingers."
  • "Look, I'm not blind. You're an attractive woman, and you've been dressing like a common whore."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Stan Sitwell

Name: Stan Sitwell
Occupation: President/CEO of Sitwell Enterprises
Father of: Sally Sitwell
Medical Conditions: Alopecia
Portrayed by: Ed Begley, Jr.
Stan Sitwell Quotes:
  • "I've never seen a CEO cry like that. Except at a sentencing."
  • "It could be worse. He could want to marry your mother. Oh, I'm sorry. Is your family not laughing at that yet?"
  • "Sorry, must have put them on too high."
  • "It's Alpaca. Cruelty-free really narrows your choices."