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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David Cross Knows A Little Bit About That ‘Arrested Development’ Movie

The headline is 100% true. Problem is, David Cross just isn’t talking. Oh sure, he’ll happily drop hints and suggestive comments, but he’s leaving any major revelations for series creator Mitch Hurwitz to dish out. I suppose I can respect that. No, I can’t. C’mon Cross… dish already!

He had a little bit to say this weekend, when MTV’s Josh Horowitz sat down with the edgy comedian at the “Year One” press junket. Nothing particularly revealing mind you; just the same sort of teasing comments to get us excited about an Arrested Development movie.

The prematurely canceled TV series was loved by critics for its sharp writing, hilarious performances and serial narrative, complete with clever in-jokes. Unfortunately, critical love did not equate to ratings, and “Arrested” disappeared like so much great television before it. As far as Cross is concerned however, fans would do well to keep hope alive for more of the Bluth family’s antics.

“I know what most people know,” Cross said, “which is there’s definitely a movie planned. A script has been ordered. Everyone’s on board to do it.” Encouraging, right? So what is the freakin’ hold-up?!

“I think they’re just working out the deals — which, you got eleven cast members and writers and producers and all that — so I think that’ll take a little time, as it usually does. And hopefully we’ll be shooting something before the decade’s out.” There isn’t a whole lot left to this decade; if we’re sharing in Cross’s hopefulness, we could see the shoot begin no later than the end of next year. Probably sooner. If all goes as planned, of course.

As for what will become of his never-nude wannabe actor/analrapist (pronounced ah-nahl-rah-pist) in-law, Tobias Fünke, Cross knows something, but he ain’t talking. “There was an overall story that I’m not at privilege to tell you what [Mitch is] working on. The script could change from that point. I will tell you it’s a f–king great idea and I’m very excited about it. It really does seem like a logical next step from the show to the movie. If that idea is followed through, I think it’s pretty cool.”

I’m sure we will as well David. Now spill!


  1. Gay marriage was legal in California for a while. I wonder if Tobias got married between the end of the show and the movie.

    Some TV shows have been made into horrible movies for various reasons, so I can only hope that the brilliance of the show stays... I'm afraid that my expectations will be so high that I may be disappointed anyway.

    It probably won't be censored, will it? I would like to see what is under Kitty's shirt. Michael doesn't seem to like them.