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Friday, March 6, 2009

George Bluth, Sr.

Name: George Bluth, Sr.
Marital Status: Married (to Lucille Bluth)
Occupation: Former president of Bluth Company, Blue Man Group
Current Residence: Cabo
Biological Father of: Michael Bluth, George Oscar (GOB) Bluth, Jr.
Legal Guardian of: Buster Bluth, Annyong Bluth, Lindsay Fünke
Twin Brother of: Oscar Bluth
Softball Position: Catcher (or nothing)
Religion(s): Judaism, Christianity
Inventions: Cornballer
Videos: Caged Wisdom, Boyfight Series
Favorite Foods: Ice Cream Sandwiches
Friends: J. Walter Weatherman, Polly
Women he's had Pop Pop with: Lucille Bluth, Kitty Sanchez, Lucille's sister
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Tambor
George Bluth, Sr. Quotes:
  • "There's always money in the banana stand."
  • "I'm having a fucking tea party, what does it look like?"
  • "At least in prison, we had knife fights, and we had movie night. And once, both. Those men did not enjoy Soapdish."
  • "You killed him when you left the front door open with the air conditioner running."


  1. He also had pop pop with Lucille's sister. Got her to stop drinking, didn't he?

  2. What are those glasses that he's wearing in that photo? They are pretty awesome.

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