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Monday, March 9, 2009

George-Michael Bluth

Name: George-Michael Bluth
Birthday: March 2, 1990
Occupation: Mr. Manager of Banana Stand, Former Administrative Assistant for the Bluth Company
Current Residence: Cabo
Son of: Tracy & Michael Bluth
Marital Status: Married to Maeby Fünke
Best Physical Activity: Hanging motionless on the monkey bar
Favorite Movies: Les Cousins Dangereux
Police Record: Stolen bike (vicitm), Breaking into the permit office
People Who Finished Ahead of Him in Class President Voting: Indian kid, Bart Simpson, School Sucks
Favorite Albums: The Jerky Boys
Skills: Star Wars Reenactments, Finely tuned internal clock
Portrayed by: Michael Cera
George-Michael Bluth Quotes:
  • "Yeah, I'm going to need a leather jacket for when I'm on my hog and need to go into a controlled slide."
  • "Way to plant, Ann."
  • "Hey Dad, they're out of sanitary napkins in the lady's washroom."
  • "Yeah, pretty soon I'm gonna have to start wearing a bra, right?"

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