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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dr. Fishman

Name: Dr. Fishman
Occupation: Physician
Alias: Dr. Wordsmith
Social Imperfections: Overly literal
Portrayed by: Ian Roberts
Dr. Fishman Quotes:
  • "It just looks like he's dead. He's got, like, blue paint all over him or something."
  • "He keeps trying to get this IV out of his arm. I don’t understand why. It’s just glucose."
  • "He's lost his left hand, so he's going to be all right."
  • "You look really hot."
  • "He's going to be fine. But unfortunately, you've still got a hook in your ass."
  • "I'm sorry, we gave you a little something to relax you. It may have taken the jingle out of your genitals."

1 comment:

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