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Monday, April 13, 2009

Lindsay Fünke

Name: Lindsay Fünke
Marital Status: Married (to Tobias Fünke)
Mother of: Maeby Fünke
Parents: Unknown, adopted by Lucille Bluth and George Bluth, Sr. (Almost a Sitwell)
Occupation: Actress, Entrepreneur, Administrative Assistant for Bluth Company, Housewife, Maid, Musician, Shopgirl
Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty
Bands: Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good Time Family-Band Solution
Culinary Expertise: Hot ham water
Favorite Clothing Store: Neiman's
Business Ventures: Mommy, What Will I Look Like?, Dip-A-Pet
Philanthropies: Hands of our Penises (H.O.O.P.), Neuterfest, Drying the Wetlands, Stop Global Hunger
Movies: Men With Low Self-Esteem
Beliefs on Alcohol: Wine only turns into alcohol if you let it sit, Vodka goes bad after you open it, Grapefruit turns into alcohol
Portrayed by: Portia de Rossi
Lindsay Fünke Quotes:
  • "You call yourself an environmentalist, why don't you go club a few beavers."
  • "How do you not have sex with me?"
  • "I hope that's not a crack about my hair color, lips, forehead, nose, and teeth, because at least I'm not wearing a rayon sweater-vest on my face."
  • "Hey, check out who's on that hog in the rear-view mirror."

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