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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Progress On ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Slows As Creator Concentrates On Other Projects, Says Ron Howard

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Published by Eric Ditzian on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 11:56 am.

If you’re like any of us at MTV News, you’re probably wondering what keeps holding up the big screen adaptation of “Arrested Development” from moving forward. Well, now we have our answer: the new Fox show, “Sit Down, Shut Up.

Mitch Hurwitz’s animated comedy debuted earlier this month, and between writing and producing that series, and developing other television projects, the “Arrested” creator hasn’t had a chance to start writing a script for his Emmy-winning Fox show that was canceled in 2006, says “Arrested” producer/narrator Ron Howard.

“Still waiting on a script,” Howard told MTV News this week. “Mitch’s television company was very successful—good for Mitch—and slowed things up a little bit for ‘Arrested Development’ fans.”

While not actively writing a script, Hurwitz is still keeping the wheels turning when it comes to the Bluth family and their particular brand of dysfunctional dark comedy. “Mitch is into it,” said Howard. “He’s thinking about it. He’s told me some of the ideas. They’re hilarious. But he hasn’t pulled it together into a script—that I know of! Maybe he’ll see this and email me something.”

Howard also said that castmembers remained committed to the project. “Every time I bump into anyone from the show—everybody’s excited,” Howard said, which is great news considering all the “is he in or is he out?” gossip that has surrounded the adaptation.

But don’t expect casting news regarding Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera and others any time soon: in February, Howard told us, “We’ve been asked to no longer divulge anything or get into the game of who’s in, who’s out. People are going to have to see.”

When the movie does get going in earnest, Hurwitz will assume directing duties, while Howard will produce. And, thankfully, he’ll be hanging on to one other position as well. “Nobody can keep me from being the narrator,” Howard said. “That’s my gig, buddy!”

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